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During one of my exhibitions in the Netherlands, I saw a young couple  getting excited about my work. “Delightful, those round buttocks!” the young man exclaimed. Awhile later, I was complimented on the same painting by an older lady. “Beautiful orchid!” she said.

The elegant flexibility of my abstract art is perfectly captured in  this contradiction: my passion and my search for beauty, combined with  the space I offer the viewer – or rather, the beholder – to find his  own picture, her own reality. The above story explains why I never  title my paintings and fold my signature into the wet paint.Oil paints and their textural possibilities are essential to my art.  By playing around with structures, beautiful and powerful accents  arise. Accents that, by their subtle progression in the painting and  the fading away of colours, make the experience of my art strongly  individual. To me as the creator, and to you as the beholder.
That is why my art fits just as easily in the taut atmosphere of a  large white space as in the more bustling ambiance of a full living  room. The feeling of creating so much freedom makes me happy.

And to my delight, also many of you!                          Hetty

2020 220x220cm Hetty8 web .jpg

Atelier HET

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The Art of Making and Observing

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